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Pre Procedure Instructions for

Eyebrows, Eyeliner, & Lips


*Prior to your procedure date: Do not drink any alcohol (48 hrs before), stop taking any

supplements, hormones, or vitamins and ibuprofen or any blood thinner within 72

hours. (Consult your doctor before in order to stop any medication)

*If procedure is around the eyes, be advised that you must not have contact lenses

the day of the procedure. We recommended taking them out at least a day before the

procedure and being without them for 3 days.


*Avoid retinol products for 5 days, avoid chemical facial peeling for 30 days

before the procedure and avoid botox 3 weeks before your appointment.


*We recommend you to wash your hair and shower before the procedure (shampoo

and soap should be void on the area of the procedure).


*Do not wear any lotion or makeup on or around the procedure area.


*Please make sure you have a babysitter, do not bring kids end/or pets to your

appointment. Reasons are: the safety blood borne pathogens, regulations, the

hours of service performed is long from 1.5 to 3 hours and this will cause me to

rush my work.


*It's your responsibility to inform Samantha Clark, if you are under any cancer

treatment, have any skin disorder or any medical condition.


*For the patients who went through chemotherapy all the permanent makeup

procedures can only be done 3 months after the end of the treatment and by under

doctor's authorization, or after 6 months.

*I'll not perform any of the procedures on you if you are pregnant.

Written authorization from your doctor is required if you have diabetes.

If you are having corticosteroids-hormone therapy we ask you to talk to your

doctor before the procedure.


*All NEW 1st time procedures with Samantha Clark will have a follow up included on the total

Cost of the procedure.
Please make sure you will have the availability to come back between 4-8 weeks later.

All procedures have an after care routine that can vary from 5 up to 10 days and

keep in mind that depending on the the area treated, it can be swollen for days, so please be prepared!


*Please make sure you arrive on time in consideration to the next client

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